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Greatest Hit <Sign-up Time>

Post by Crisps » Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:07 pm

Hello all, welcome to my first attempt at a forum game. In a nutshell, here you'll get the chance to control the singer or band of your dreams, or nightmares if that floats your boat, starting with your first label audition and ending wherever you happen to go from there. The game will play out over a period of ten "years" and whoever has had the greatest hits at the end of that period will be declared the winner of the game. It won't be difficult to play, everything will be explained to you as you go along and I'll try and make my documentation as comprehensive as possible so you have all the information you need.

As mentioned before, the game will span ten years, each split into twelve months of four weeks apiece. Each player can create a band or solo artist, and will effectively act as their manager, ordering them to perform certain actions which will take varying lengths of time and create singles and albums. Your artists will have the chance to star in movies, become political figures, or write books along the way, but music is the focus here- increasing your fame and selling the most records is what will win you the game. All available actions and sample sign up forms will be posted below. Players will post their actions in lots of one month. At the end of each month, I'll post a publication detailing events going on in the music world, and at the end of each year I'll provide the record-label reports. After the decade I'll post the chart toppers and the winner will be revealed. If you like writing detailed fiction on your characters, you're more than welcome to, in fact I encourage it, but if you'd rather write as little as possible don't worry about it, the game is still playable by you.

Players are free to drop-in or sign-up at any time, so you need not play the whole ten year cycle if you don’t want to. Just be aware that, the longer you’re around, the better your chances of making a huge seller. If you’d like to temporarily retire your character, you can do that too, I don’t mind. If you don’t post for six months in a row, you’ll be kicked out and will have to create a new character to resume playing.

Available actions-

-Record Song (2 weeks)- Create a song, which will require you to give certain information. If you need help, I'll provide a small paragraph below. It takes a fortnight to make one song, and once finished it will be added to your bank of available tracks. You must give your song a name, of course, but you can tell us more about it if you wish.

-Record Cover (1 week)- Create a cover version of another song, either existing or released by another player's band, which will take only one week. Once finished it will be added to your bank of tracks.

-Photo Shoot (1 week)- Appearing in a magazine or a well known website will boost your fame. Publications always need filling so a photo shoot will always be available on short notice. It will take up a slot of one week.

-Publicity (2 weeks)- Appear at a movie premiere or guest star on another artists' tour, basically boost the public awareness of your star. Occupies a two week slot on your calendar.

-Release Single (2 weeks)- Simply choose an A and B side from your song bank and go. Again, I'll make a note for those who require it. Creating the cover artwork, and filling on all the necessary paperwork will mean it takes a full fortnight to release a single.

-Release Album (4 weeks)- A slightly longer list of details will need to be filled in to release an album. Choose between 7 and 15 tracks for a single album or between 16 and 30 tracks for a double album and go wild. It takes a full month to release an album, but it is of course the best way to make yourself famous.

-Perform Live (4 weeks)- Appear in concert for your adoring fans. Touring after an album release is quite common, and it boosts your popularity considerably. It does, however, take a whole month and is a draining experience. Too much touring will take it's toll.

-World Tour (16 weeks)r- A world tour is an amazing boost in fame for your artist or band but it takes a whole four months to do one. Nevertheless, if an artist manages just one world tour they will surely be remembered by their fans forever. An artist cannot go on a world tour until after the release of their third album.

-Rest (1 week)- Yep, rest. Give yourself a chance to recharge. After a big event sometimes a rest is what you need, and even if you haven't been busy, a good rest could provide a chance for a brilliant idea to take your artist by the hands!

-Collaborate (2 weeks)- Two players can work together on a song. You must both post Collaborate in the same slot to do so, and only one player will have the song in their bank, though it will boost fame for both of you very nicely. It will take one fortnight, even if it is a cover version.

-Event Actions (Variable time)- Periodically, a special action will be available. Sometimes an opportunity to provide a movie soundtrack, or perhaps even appear in the film itself. These can vary in the time they take but are well worth going for. The occasional action will require more input on your part, for example, an interview.

Record Labels-

Get familiar with these guys. All artists belong to one, and they each have their own quirks. Occasionally they will do something on your behalf, for example, releasing a Best Of album, which everybody should hope for, as these are massive sellers.

-Polyglas Records- The oldest label on offer, once held the late Rockin' King Elvis Preston. They own shares in several radio stations so their songs recieve much airplay but they advertise little.

-Tricca Music- The label who are responsible for more artists than any other, they advertise like crazy and have a wide audience, however the chances of recieving a Best Of album from them are slim to nil. They own shares in Rolling Rock magazine, so their songs have a slightly higher chance of appearing there.

-Kaiser Records- The most indie of the record labels. Relatively small but quite fashionable, they are popular among the "hip and happening" youth of today. A smaller but more dedicated fanbase await the artists on this label. They own shares in Rhythm Review so their songs have a slightly higher chance of appearing there.

LeTang, Inc- Not the biggest or most famous, but probably the most inventive of the labels, this is the record producer for music lovers. The legendary producing duo of "Poppet&Fabong" reside here but their music recieves little airplay due to a rivalry with Polyglas. They own shares in Pop Monthly, the best selling music publication, so their songs have a slightly greater chance of appearing there.

Fuego Musica- Imports music from all over the world, but also a producer of english music as of 2008. They are the least famous of the labels but take more of a personal interest in their patrons, and are not above releasing Best Of albums for relatively unkown artists in an attempt to boost sales. They have an established audience abroad, so your songs may become a foreign hit easier with them.

That's about all you need to know for now. You'll soon become familiar with the fictional Earth our game takes place in, now all that remains is for me to inform you that our game begins on January 2010 and for you to fill in a sign up form, which you'll find below. Best of luck to you all, and I hope you have fun!

Sign Up Form

Code: Select all
-Username- (For example, "Fabong LeTang")

-Artist/Band- (Delete as appropriate, add name. For example, "Band- The Silver Quarrymen")

-Members- (Band Only, for example, "John Stallon, Paul McMartin, Richard Starkey, Pete Sutcliffe")

Genre- (Though you may shake things up, what genre will you mostly be associated with? For example, "Psychadelic Rock")

Bio- (It would be nice to include what instruments your artist can play, etc, but whatever you think we should know goes here. For example, "Stallon had played guitar since he was six, gathering up Paul the bassist, Richard the drummer and finally Pete, another guitarist (and accomplished pianist) he set his sights on fame and fortune" except yours will be nicer =P)

Label- (Choose from the list above which label your new star will audition for. Choose wisely, changing may prove difficult.)

Song Details

When making a song or cover, there are just a few things you need to tell us. If it’s a cover, the title and original artist will be enough. If it’s a new one, you can give a little more if you want- a name for the song, of course, but how about a short description, maybe a few lyrics, instruments heard, etc. Of course, at a minimum we’ll need the name of the track.

Single Details

Easy, just choose an A and B side and you’re good. If you prefer, you can post in the format A b/w B, where A and B are the song names and b/w means “backed with”. If you’d like to provide cover art that’d be lovely, but by no means will I make you.

Album Details

This was always gonna be a longer one. We need the album name, and track listing at a minimum, but tell us whatever else about it you want. One thing I ask is you don’t review it- just describe it.

Sample Sign Up Form

Username- Fabong LeTang
Artist- Poppet
Genre- Ska
Bio- Poppet wanted to be famous ever since she was very young, and doesn't especially care how much money she makes as long as people remember her.
Label- Kaiser Records

Sample Original Song Form

Title- Everybody Had A Hard Year
Lyric- "Everybody let their hair down/ Everybody pulled their socks up"
Description- Slower than what Poppet usually puts out, with slurppy guitar and unusually discreet drums. Only two minutes long.

Sample Single Form

A-Side- Good Evening, Good Evening
B-Side- Your Mother Should Know (The Beatles)
Cover Art-

Sample Album Form

Album Name- Ska Trip
Tracks- 8
Track list-
1. Glass Turnip
2. Your Mother Should Know (The Beatles)
3. Purple Aeroplane
4. Good Evening, Good Evening (slow version)
5. Oh Boy!
6. Making The Grade
7. Everybody Had A Hard Year
8. Oh Boy! (Reprise)
Cover Art-
Description- Poppet's shortest album yet, with just one cover to it's name rather than her usual three, it has the greatest variety of songs yet shown on her records, with brass, harmonicas and even steel drums making an appearance.

Sample "month posts" which you'll be posting pretty much every month-

Week 1- Photo Shoot
Week 2- Record Cover- "Wouldn't It Be Nice" [The Beach Boys]
Week 3- Release Single, "Everybody Had A Hard Year" b/w "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
Week 4- / (Releasing Single)

1- Publicity
4-Photo shoot

As you can see, as long as the information is all there I ain’t fussy about formatting.

Feel free to PM me any questions you may have about the game :)

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Re: Greatest Hit <Sign-up Time>

Post by Fabong » Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:23 pm

not sure how you plan to make this work tbh

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-Username- Fabong

-Band- The Lentils

-Members- Cassidy Kino, Florence Camarda, Jack Bohr and Ami Florini

Genre- Rock

Bio- Cassidy is in charge by all accounts, he plays rhythm guitar. Florence is the drummer, Ami is the bassist and Jack plays lead guitar. All of them have experience with other instruments and are comfortable with creating a wide range of sounds.

Label- LeTang, Inc
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Re: Greatest Hit <Sign-up Time>

Post by Garf » Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:12 pm

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    -Username- Garf

    -Band- The Band

    -Members- Guy Tarist, Daria Ummer, May Sist and Voh Calist

    Genre- Rock

    Bio- Guy is guitar guy, daria is a drum, may is a bass and Voh is the singer

    Label- Tricca Music

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Re: Greatest Hit <Sign-up Time>

Post by Aren142 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:56 pm

Questions! Can you start doing a thing that takes multiple weeks in the last week of a month as long as the first however many weeks of the next month are finishing that? Assuming so since there's a thing longer than 4 weeks, but just checking. Also, do acoustic/remix/whatever versions of a song you've already made count as making a cover, a new song or not needing to do anything?

Code: Select all

-Username- Aren142

-Artist- Little Miss Arson

Genre- Pop

Bio- Victoria McFadden, better known as Little Miss Arson, is first and foremost a performer. She loves being in the spotlight. She was encouraged to pursue a music career by counsellors to stop her from burning her house down. She can play the piano and will incorporate it into her music but will largely used synthesised sounds.

Label- Fuego Musica
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Re: Greatest Hit <Sign-up Time>

Post by Nintendo Ninja » Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:03 pm


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Re: Greatest Hit <Sign-up Time>

Post by Rik » Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:21 pm

Dammit nun, you beat me to it
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Re: Greatest Hit <Sign-up Time>

Post by Crisps » Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:27 pm

april fools
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