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Dix's Screenplays

Post by Dix » Mon Apr 18, 2016 9:20 pm

Okay, so I've been writing a fair couple of short screenplays recently. So figured I'd make a thread.

SWINGS - 2 minute dialogue piece, featuring 2 characters

SAM (mid teens) and CHRIS (in his 40s) are sat on parallel swings. The park is completely empty, with an eerie silence surrounding them both. Chris's expression is vacant, his arms folded, hugging himself. His jaw moves up and down as he bites at the inside of his cheeks. Sam is clearly attentive, her eyes locked onto Chris.

SAM: Long day?

Sam puts her feet down to the floor. The swing stops. She leans over to rub her hand on the back of his neck. Chris perks up.

SAM: Did I do something wrong? I know you hate it when I say that, but I don't want you to be mad at me.


SAM: (RUSHING)You're not mad that I took your swing are you? You can have it, it's just you kind of sat where I usually go so I didn't know where to sit and - 

Chris turns his head away, and looks to the floor. A few uncomfortable moments pass.Chris looks back, staring through Sam.

CHRIS: I told them about you.

SAM: (beat) What did they ask?

CHRIS: They asked who I speak to when I'm sad.

SAM: (Beat) What did they think about that?

CHRIS: They said it's normal.

SAM: Normal? So we're good?

CHRIS: They said I need to try and stop talking to you.

SAM: What? why?

CHRIS: You're not healthy.

SAM: I'm not healthy? You need me.

CHRIS: If I keep talking to you, then I won't get better.

SAM:Who else will you speak to?

CHRIS: I don't know (beat) I just need to get the memory out of my head.

SAM: What memory?

Chris stops the swing, and stands up.

SAM: What memory Chris?

Chris looks back at Sam. A kind smile across his face.

CHRIS:I'll miss you.

He turns his head and walks away.

SAM: Chris...

Sam stays sat on the stationary swing, while Chris gets further and further from Sam. Chris glances back for a moment. The swing is empty. He walks on.

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