Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 5*

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Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 5*

Post by Kriken » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:51 am

This last story will properly conclude Kudos. I was going to have it so the last chapter was posted on the day the forum ended but, lol. Oh well. Enjoy, anyway.

Link to old chapters.

Title card made by Fabong

Kudos: The Final Arc

Chapter 1: True Banishment

Pokemaniac walked through the familiar hallways of the mod room, once known as the green palace - but right now its surfaces crawled with dark vines. He was battered and bruised, weary from many battles. But the biggest one was right ahead of him. And hopefully it was the one that would end it all.

He turned into the main hall, which featured a long table around which the moderators used to meet, and the throne at the end of it. The throne upon which he sat, during a time when he was known as the captain of the moderators, and later during a dark time, much like the one now, when he was known as the king.

But now it was occupied by a figure in black robes who was well nestled in the darkness. It swirled around him like a pack of black birds. The man sat lazily, his chin resting on his fist.

"Dread," Pokemaniac said. "Is that really you?"

The dark figure laughed. His voice was demonic and warped. "I would like to know that myself. I was hoping you could have told me, king."

Pokemaniac bowed his head. "I'm sorry."

"... What for?"

"Failing you. Failing all of you. I let the darkness consume me. I was weak. I wish I could have stopped you."

There was a moment of silence, and then Dread's mouth curved into a smile.

"Fool. You assume that if you were more resilient to the pull of power that you would have been able to stop me. But you're right, you are weak, and even weaker now you've let regret crush you... Wrathy, Dizzybow, Emperix, myself... You let all your friends betray you, even when you had all the power. You relied on them when you should have cast them away. Now the tables have turned and I haven't made the same mistake. This world is now mine, and no-one is going to get in my way."

There was a harsh metallic scraping sound as Pokemaniac ripped his sword out its sheath. "You're the fool. Don't think that because I said I'm sorry I'm going to go easy on you. I've realised by now when someone has crossed the point of no return...and for better or for worse, I've crushed all of those who have chosen to defy me. So if you want to join the list, feel free."

"You talk big, but I know you say that with a heavy heart. If you really want to try and stop me, however..." Dread beckoned him with his hand. "Come."

Pokemaniac charged at him and Dread stood up to meet him. Their swords clashed.

And the rest faded into darkness.

Pokemaniac opened his eyes. For a moment he just lay there in thought. That was a dark time. He looked around the room, one of the bedrooms in the green palace. It was as it normally looked. Out of the window he looked at the rest of ONM down below. Things looked pretty normal down there, too. Just not as active as it used to be.

And, as of this moment, though strange events had resulted in many changes of his position, he was currently a moderator.

All was well, wasn't it?

But you're filled with regret.

That voice stilled him. It was a voice he hadn't heard in a long time.

How would you like to change that?

The world faded around him, into redness as far as the eye could see. But in the distance, floating towards him, was a large ball of silver chains and padlocks, and the blue armoured thing that rested above it. His inner-moderator.

"Beast," Pokemaniac said. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Answer my question first."

Pokemaniac folded his arms. "Well, getting rid of my regret would be nice, was there a legitimate way to get rid of it. I'm not up for any memory wipes, if that's what you're offering."

The beast laughed. "No, what I offer, I assure you, is completely legitimate. It's just very risky...but you're used to putting yourself in risky situations by now."

"Stop wasting my time. What is that you want to tell me?"

"So rude. I've saved your life before but it doesn't seem that you've warmed to me."

"You tried to kill me before. And for some time now I've known x50 50x made you and he wasn't exactly the nicest person when he came back to ONM."

"Ah, x50 50x. He in fact concerns what I am offering. Regardless, moderator, I am a part of you. I effectively am you. I told you before that I am the embodiment of your kudos. Your well-being is tied to mine and you have not been the soundest in mind lately. You have had bad dreams lately, haven't you? Me too."

"Well then," Pokemaniac said. "I wish I would start explaining myself, then."

"I will. You would like to undo the mistakes of your past, wouldn't you? Namely, bring back those who died. What if I told you there was a way?"


The beast laughed. "It seems that I have your attention now. Well, you know that x50 50x made me. That is, however, not strictly true. He only modified me. Before being placed in you, I was his inner-moderator. Our existences are tied."

"But you're not dead..."

"And that is a good thing, for you and me. And it proves something that x50 50x suspected once - that those who depart from this world aren't truly dead or, as you ONMers sometimes euphemistically call it, 'permanently banished' or 'perma-banned'." The beast opened up one hand and then the other. "We all know of the banishment realm, the place all the bad members go to cool off... But only some of us know of the other. The realm of permanent banishment. The true banishment realm. I can take you and, if you wish, others there, through the connection I have x50 50x. Andymck, SamurifFerret, Emperix... You could save them all. But please, do think about it. I imagine it's a lot to take in."

* * * * * * * * * *

"How about it, Sarah? Are we doing this?"

To be continued.
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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc

Post by Kriken » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:56 am

Chapter 2: Departure

"Are you sure this is a wise idea? You'll have no idea what you'll find in there. You could end up dying yourselves - and if you do, will that be it? And how can you be sure that the dead don't want to be left alone?"

"We'll be alright, Quarg. And if we can ask them, and I'm sure if they're retrievable we will be able to, then we won't deny their will to stay dead if they wish. However given the circumstances of their departure I'm sure they'd appreciate a second chance. We'll be bringing back all who allow it. Apart from those who were supposed to be there in the first place, of course."

"I don't know. It just doesn't sit quite right with me."

"Well I've made up my mind and I think you understand why I have to do this. Are we ready?"

He turned to the cloaked figures standing on either side of him.

"Probably as ready as I'll ever be," Wrathy said.

"You bet," said Dizzybow.

They all stood in the main hall of the green palace. Chocolate-Milk, LFF, Nintendoofus, ChainedTeapot, OrangeRakoon and samus_killer standing in a semi-circle behind the three others. The large table in the middle had been moved to one side to create space.

Pokemaniac took a couple of steps forward, towards the throne, and held out what looked like a black padlock, a black chain hanging from it. An anti-moderator badge.

"These badges normally have a function that allows transportation to the banishment realm," he said. "But apparently if I pour my kudos into it - the kudos I share with x50 50x - it will provide a connection to the 'true banishment realm'. If this goes badly wrong, it was good knowing all of you. Now..."

He put his other hand on top of the badge and soon the badge was engulfed in a thick blue misty light.

Slowly, and with a velvety rip, it seemed the present reality parted in front of them, revealing an oval. A portal emerged, but not like the portal to the regular banishment realm. That one was smooth edged and pure black. This one's colour seemed to be red with changing patches of fiery orange, and its edges stretched and snapped out suddenly in random places, before retracting just as quickly.

The doubts that existed among them suddenly disappeared, replaced now with fear.

"That doesn't look very stable," OrangeRakoon said.

Gently, Pokemaniac put the badge down onto the ground.

"It's going to have to be until we've completed our mission, because the portal can't be opened from the other side." He paused. "If anything comes through here without us, make sure it goes back, by whatever means."

"And if it looks like ONM is in danger and the portal can no longer be defended," Wrathy said. "Close it."

There was a moment of silence.

"But," OrangeRakoon said, "that isn't going to happen, and you'll all come back."

Pokemaniac smiled, somewhat wanly. "That's right. Alright then. I suppose there's no real reason to delay. This is it." He saluted to the other moderators. "See you soon."

He walked through the portal. Dizzybow nodded to the others, then rushed after him. Wrathy turned around and look at them all for a moment.

"Hey," she said. "Don't mess up." And then she was gone too.

* * * * * * * * * *

Falling. This was not the sensation Dizzybow was expecting when he walked into the portal. And there seemed to be fire everywhere he looked. Even he, an elite ex-moderator, felt a bit scared by this. And there seemed to be no sign of Pokemaniac. But there was nothing he could do but fall. And then he was enveloped in a blinding light.

The next thing he knew, he was standing next to Pokemaniac who was slightly keeled over, his hands on his knees.

"You too, huh?" Dizzybow said. "That was some entrance."

"Yeah. Where's Wrathy?"

"She entered after me. She should be here soon."


They looked around themselves. Barren, rocky ground everywhere. Not that abnormal. Apart from the blood red sky, at least. A large, angry sun hung in the air. As expected from the sight, it was very hot. Dizzybow walked about a bit.

"Reminds me of the challenges forum." He let out a short laugh. "So this is the afterlife. Looks a bit like some sort of hell."

"Seeing as it's for ONMers, I'm not surprised. Dizzy, are you sensing any of the people we're looking for?"

"Nope... I am picking up a lot of kudos signatures, but not any that seem all that familiar. But the heat is making it hard to concentrate."

Pokemaniac tapped his foot impatiently and wiped the sweat collecting on his forehead. "What is taking Wrathy so long?"

"I don't know." He paused. "I don't actually know if she entered right after me. She could have waited behind a bit for some reason. Guess we just have to wait."

And so they waited, and waited. A long time passed, and still there was no sign of Wrathy.

After a moment, they both agreed to go back into the portal, and experienced much the same unpleasant experience as before, except in reverse. They were pulled upwards and seemed to have no control over their movement.

LFF, Nintendoofus and Quarg Ranger started at the sight of them emerging from the portal again, standing up with hands at their sheaths.

"Where's Wrathy?" Pokemaniac asked.

"Wait," LFF said, "she's not with you? She went in right after both of you."

"That can't be..."

"Could the portal have sent her somewhere else?" Dizzybow said.

"Godammit. Let's go back. She must be there, somewhere!"


But Pokemaniac had already ran back into the portal.

Dizzybow looked back to the others and sighed. "I have a really bad feeling about this."

He followed Pokemaniac back in.

The same thing happened as the last time.

Except Pokemaniac wasn't next to him. And neither was the portal.

To be continued.
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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc

Post by Kriken » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:57 am

These first two chapters I took from my posts in the writers circle, with minor edits. Chapter 3 is probably coming later today.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc *Chapter 2*

Post by Ghost » Sun Nov 16, 2014 10:05 pm

liberal wrote:Out of the window he looked at the rest of ONM down below. Things looked pretty normal down there, too. Just not as active as it used to be.

You should put a "this is what happened so far" summary so new readers know who the hell Dread is and why Pokemaniac's so scared of him.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc *Chapter 2*

Post by Kriken » Sun Nov 16, 2014 10:39 pm

Pretty much everybody knows who Dread is. Besides, this final arc is really just intended for those who have read the all the previous arcs. But I'm probably going to put a link in the OP to archived pages (once I get around to archiving them; have already saved them) of the old thread, in case any new readers want to catch up with the story and know what's going on.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 2*

Post by pokemaniac212 » Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:20 pm

Good to see this back, always enjoyed the stuff on ONM, and hopefully this will keep up the high standard.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 2*

Post by Vtheyoshi » Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:22 pm

It's somewhat difficult to understand if you haven't read the other parts, Ghost.

It's nice to see this with it's own thread, reminds me of the old one
You should totally put that title banner back in.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 2*

Post by Pineapple » Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:29 pm

Who wouldn't be scared of DR though.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 2*

Post by Oathkeeper » Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:07 am

Chapter 2, aka When Harry Used The Fireplace Portal In The Second One and Went To The Wrong Place: ONM Edition

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 2*

Post by Kriken » Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:20 pm

Chapter 3: A Familiar Face

The beasts erupted out the of sand around her and then came back down towards her, bodies twisting in the air, sharp teeth gnashing. Wrathy avoided their lunges, jumping, ducking and rolling when they came near.

It was easy enough. These beasts seemed mindless.

And then they converged towards her from all sides.

Wrathy looked about herself, taking a moment to appreciate this. There was four of them. She reached over her shoulder and pulled off her cloak, throwing it to the wind, before pushing both her hands on the hilts of her swords, their blades sliding up slightly.

Then she disappeared.

One by one they fell, their heads falling and bouncing away from their bodies, before Wrathy landing gracefully away. But as soon as she touched the ground, she realised she may have made a mistake. The ground shook below her feet - it was too late to dodge. She braced herself and another one of the beasts emerged and pushed her upwards.

It would have closed its jaws around her, but Wrathy had acted quickly and positioned a arm and a leg to keep its mouth open. She snapped out her free palm, firing a column of kudos into its mouth and out of its tail. She back-flipped off of it and landed onto the ground before it hit the floor.

Wrathy sheathed her swords and allowed herself to grin. It was good to be good.

There was a gasp from behind and Wrathy immediately pulled out her swords again. It looked like it wasn't over yet. Standing there was a scraggly-looking young man in a dusty brown cloak. He bolted in the other direction, but he barely had a chance to pivot before Wrathy had grabbed the back of his cloak, making him fall.

"Hold it!"

"Whoa, Wrathy! Let go, it's me!"

Wrathy, surprised, did so. "Who are you?"

The man turned around and looked up with a pitiful, scared face. "D-don't you remember me, Master?"

Wrathy's expression slackened in realisation. "Cheesemonster. I didn't expect to see you...in fact I had completely forgotten about you."

Cheesemonster seemed to lighten up a bit after this. "It looks like our invasion of ONM wasn't so successful, if you're here. Master."

"Actually Cheese, I'm alive and well. I've just come here to pick up some friends. Oh, and stop calling me master. The Radicals have been disbanded and I've since repented. But if you insist, I'll accept you calling me mistress."

"You came here without dying!? How!?"

"It's complicated. But I can take you back with me. Most of the other Radicals have been pardoned so I suppose it would be unfair to just leave you here..."

"Oh, thank you mistress! You're amazing!"

"I was joking about the mistress part, and I'm not taking you for free. I want you to tell me everything you know about this place, these creatures, where certain people might be and how the hell I wasn't able to detect you."

"Of course. This is a very dangerous place."

"I gathered."

"It's full of the things you just killed now...but these ones are just the babies." He walked over to one of the fallen beasts and kicked its head. "They're pretty easy to outsmart. Still, they'll kill if you're not careful."

Wrathy looked one of them over. Long, serpentine body, finned at the end. A long face with a prominent nose. Almost like a crocodile. And very large fangs.

"What exactly are these things?" she asked. "They seemed to show some degree of intelligence when they all attacked me at once. Almost like they share some sort of hive mind."

"Dragons," he said.

"Dragons? Well, I suppose you have to call them something, but..."

"The name makes more sense when you see the adult ones," he said. "They are much larger, have wings," he stretched out his arms, "breath fire and have an enormous amount of kudos."


"Didn't you sense it from these ones? Their kudos is less significant, but still."

"This is a lot to take in, and you still haven't told me how you managed to completely mask your presence from me. A simple water seal doesn't fool me."

"Well..." he said, pausing. "I suppose it's just come from practice. I can't fight these things. I'm not strong enough. Not like you. I have to hide. I've been hiding for so long that now none of them can sense me out now, and it's not as if my low level of kudos is difficult to mask... Unfortunately, not everyone has been as lucky..."

"Cheesemonster, listen to me. Have you seen Andymck or SamuriFerret?"

"SamuriFerret? No... Andymck however..."


"We got split up."

"How long ago was this, Cheese?"

"I don't know. It could have been months ago - I've had no way to keep track of time here. The sun's always up."

"You're going to help me find him, and Samuri. We're not going home until we do-"

"But it's-"

"Dangerous. Yeah, you don't say. But it's not up for debate."

Cheesemonster sighed. "Oh, alright."

"Alright. Time to retrace your footsteps. Take me to where you last saw Andy."

"I can't remember." He gestured with his hands. "Look around you. It's not exactly easy to distinguish this place from that."

"Well, you're going have to."

* * * * * * * * * *

Deep in the bowls of a cave, in the darkness, a colossal shape was stirring. The side of its silver head was turned up towards a sliver of light, revealing a pearly green eye.

Images flashed over its eye. Images of a cloaked person with swords at their sides and its children closing in around them.

But the person blurred and, in a blink, they were all cut down.

The eye closed and the images stopped. The cave seemed to start to fill with a thrumming in the air. A tail whipped out and smacked across the wall viciously.

The eye opened again, its pupil jittery, pushing up at the top, and the beast's mouth moved.


To be continued.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cheesemonster first appeared in chapter 2 of the original batch of chapters and was killed by Emperix in the same chapter.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 3*

Post by Oathkeeper » Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:31 pm

Another good chapter, Lib. I had forgotten all about Cheesemonster until now.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 3*

Post by Vtheyoshi » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:12 pm

The Cheesemaster, that brings back memories.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 4*

Post by Kriken » Sun Nov 23, 2014 4:05 pm

Chapter 4: Between Two Evils

Once Pokemaniac had realised he had lost both Wrathy and Dizzybow in the true banishment realm, he set his mind to finding them again by himself. He wouldn't go back into the portal to ask for support, for more of the moderators could end up stranded. But he was having some trouble, not least because, out of the three of them, he had the weakest sensory abilities.

The desert stretched out before him, endless, hopeless. There didn't seem to any life around here. It was truly the land of the dead. It was enough to make a sliver of doubt creep into Pokemaniac's mind - and through that sliver a worry set in, that he had doomed even more of his friends.

That was when the dark man appeared. Cloaked in black and with black birds flocking around him, facing away from Pokemaniac. Then he turned, ever so slightly, baring a grin on his shadowed face. Pokamaniac chased after him and the dark man walked on, up a steep dune.

But Pokemaniac could tell from the dark man's steps, though they were slow, that he wouldn't be catching up to him, and when he crested the dune, the dark man was gone.

"Impossible..." he muttered.

And then, looking into the distance, he saw what looked like a structure. He could see the columns and archways. He headed towards it.

It was rather large and weathered, and looked much like a cathedral. Chunks of stone littered the outside, and a large part of the building was collapsed, like it was the meeting place of some conflict. Or the site of a bombing.

He heard footsteps inside.

In response he instantly applied a water seal to the back of his hand, erasing the trace of his kudos, and ducked behind one of the archways, giving him a good vantage point of the inside, and so he peered inside. And caught his breath.

It was the man who came back to ONM, took control of the admins, and tried to destroy the forum because he saw it as disgustingly inadequate. The man who came closest to completely crushing his spirit. The man who created one of the dark powers that rested within his body at this very moment.

x50 50x.

He slowly walked the distance of the hall within, the sound of his footsteps echoing across it, rapier drawn and close to scratching the surface of the ground. He still wore that white suit, except it was looking a little worse for wear. It was understandably a bit dusty from the sand.

He stopped and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"I knew I'd find you here."

Pokemaniac caught his breath again, because it wasn't x50 50x who spoke, but another familiar voice. A man dropped to the floor, a long curved sword stretched out towards x50 50x. He wore a long black cloak and his eyes were a piercing, unnatural blue. The ones that had hypnotised Wrathy, Dizzybow and many of the other Antimods into his service.


"I'm going to beat the crap out of you," he said with certainty, "and then when I claim your power I'll have enough kudos to take care of that thing and get the hell out this place."

"Very amusing," x50 50x said, and went on flatly. "You won't even come within my sword's reach."

Tengo smiled. "I'm going to enjoy this."

He charged at x50 50x with a roar, at an incredible pace, slicing x50 50x down the middle - or at least down his after-image. x50 50x appeared behind a surprised-looking Tengo and spoke coldly.

"I lied," he said, whipping his sword out in a vicious half circle, cutting Tengo right through his chest. The pieces of Tengo faded into darkness and then nothingness. x50 50x raised his sword after this illusion shattered, apparently unsurprised.

The swords came in quickly, savagely, from all sides, but x50 50x blocked each and every attack from the many clones of Tengo that surrounded him.

"You're beginning to realise it now," x50 50x said, still parrying the swords effortlessly, "that you're out of your league."

"And you," Tengo said as he, the real Tengo and not one of this clones, slipped in behind x50 50x, "are wondering how you fell for such a simple distraction."

His index finger poked x50 50x in the back, towards his heart. It was too close to dodge or to block.


A column of kudos erupted out of x50 50x's chest, leaving a small tunnel. The man stumbled forward, devastation on his expression. Tengo blew the smoke off his finger and approached, slowly.

"So you see, x50, I'm even stronger than I used to be, and when I take your kudos I'm going to be even more unbeatable."

"But still just as dumb."

Blood suddenly erupted out of Tengo's shoulder, a deep wound revealing itself. He clutched at it, pained. "What!?"

x50 50x smiled and turned around. By the time he was facing Tengo, the wound in his chest was gone.

"I know what you're thinking," x50 50x said. "That I shouldn't have been able to recover from that. But let me give you a piece of advice: you can't destroy what doesn't exist. And let me reminded you what I told you long ago: I can't die."

And now he walked towards Tengo, his expression deadly serious.


Pokemaniac ran out his cover, removing the water seal as he did so. They turned to him, both shocked.

"Don't do it, x50 50x," he said.

x50 50x laughed. "This man tried to take over ONM. You're really wanting me to show mercy towards him? You should have waited for me to kill him and then killed me. What a wasted opportunity."

What he said made sense and it took Pokemaniac a moment to realise why he decided to spare them.

"I need you," he said. "And I can't work with someone who is just fresh from killing someone else."

"He's been trying to kill me, Pokemaniac. How can you expect me to forgive him?"

"As you said, x50, you can't die. So why does it matter?"

x50 50x simply stared at Pokemaniac for a moment, then laughed and sheathed his sword.

"Touché. So, what is it you need help with?"

"Finding my friends. The ones I brought with me here and the ones I let come here on their own. We came through a portal created by-"

x50 50x waved his hand. "Yes, I know all about that."

Pokemaniac paused for a moment. "Yes, of course you would. Anyway, I'm assuming that if you die, the portal to ONM closes."

"I assume that can only be the case."

"Wait," Tengo said. "A portal to ONM? Here? Take me with you, Pokemaniac. I can help you too."

"I cannot do that, Tengo."

"Please. This place is horrible. The creatures here...they have it in for us ONMers."

"What creatures?"

The ground shook with a tremor.

x50 50x unsheathed his sword. "You're about to find out."

Pokemaniac saw the fear in the man's eyes, and it put the fear in his too.

To be continued.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 4*

Post by Wrathy » Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:56 am

I like to read Kudos but I don't like to post about it. I enjoy this fictionalised version of me because she seems a lot more likeable than I actually am, and also I am glad you haven't written any weird relationship scenes in yet because that would not be fun to read.

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Re: Kudos: The Final Arc (an ONM story) *Chapter 5*

Post by Kriken » Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:03 pm

Chapter 5: The Generals

"I thought you said this place was infested with dragons."

Wrathy stopped and turned back to Cheesemonster, who shrugged.

"It's probably your presence keeping them away. Most of them are probably weaker than you, and sense that."

"I see. Then perhaps I was worrying over nothing." She looked up into the burning sun. "Perhaps we can find the people we're looking for and then get out with relative ease."

Right then, a shadow rose up and eclipsed the sun.

Before Wrathy could take another breath, a long, green, scaly arm snapped out and closed its large hand around her. There was a crunchy sound. Blood squeezed through the gaps between its fingers.

Cheesemonster screamed and bolted.

The dark eyes of the dragon quickly flitted to him and watched him flee.

"Run, little ONMer," it said. "You are not worth taking. For if you could fully comprehend my powers you would be paralysed with fear."

Then it turned its eyes upon its bloody fist.

"Not like this one, but it's not the king... Still, I will take its power."

"Damn right I'm not the king!"

Shafts of light erupted out the dragon's fist, which itself exploded outwards, leaving it mangled. Among the mess stood Wrathy stood in a glowing, yellow dress, fiery wings extended from her back, a golden circlet around her brow and her hair flowing long and wildly about her.

The dragon looked down at her, aghast, but by then she had already disappeared, running circles of light around the beast, its head shifting this way and that.

"What's this?" it said.

A gash erupted across its chest and it grunted in pain. Wrathy landed delicately in front of it, two golden katanas poised.

"You can't kill me," she said. "So you may as well tell me what you want. Why did you try to kill me just then?"

The dragon took a deep breath. Long plumes of steam pushed through its nostrils.

The wound on its chest closed up, as if the cut just reversed itself, and its mangled hand jerked about mechanically before snapping back in place, good as before.

"You are very different from the others. You are like those who came here a long, long time ago. The king and his soldiers. The first ONMers who came to these lands. Our enemies."

"I am not your enemy. I know nothing about what the king did when he came here. I am a moderator of the current ONM but the king was before my time - the present ONM has nothing to do with that. Nor do we support the king. In fact, we killed him not too long ago."

"Impossible. What power on ONM could have killed the king?"

Wrathy paused. "His own."

The dragon took its own pause. "I take it you don't mean he took his own life, but that you somehow took his power and used it against him. Or perhaps...he shared his power."

Wrathy nodded. "Indeed."

"And now that power lies with you and the others who came here with you. You came with others, correct?"

Wrathy hesitated for a moment. She didn't expect this line of questioning. "Yes. However, we mean no harm. We only came to retrieve friends of ours and then leave."

"These 'friends' of yours, I presume, are other ONMers. I cannot allow that. They belong to us."

"They don't belong to anyone."

"They were never meant to come here. These are our lands. When the first ONMers came...they took our power and went back to their world, creating a bridge. Since then, when ONMers passed away, they came here, the source of the power they robbed, returning it to its rightful place. This is nature asserting its right."

There was something strange about the way the dragon talked. It sounded very familiar to Wrathy, as if she was talking to another ONMer. But she could not pinpoint this familiarity. Still, it put her at ease when talking to this beast, even though she sensed that she was in danger. The beast could be reasoned with.

"As I told you, the current ONM has nothing to do with that. We don't want any more trouble with your kind. We just want our friends back."

"I cannot allow that. You must all return your power to us. Or, as you ONMers like to call it, 'kudos'."

"We can't do that. We would die."

"Then die."

A long scaly arm reached out - even faster this time. But Wrathy was able to dodge it in her current state, leaping back.

She was able to counterattack this time too, flipping forwards and leaving two deep cuts on the back of the beast's wrist.

Wrathy landed back onto her feet but her face dropped. The skin of the beast was unscathed. But she was sure her blades had cut flesh.

There was no time to rest, however, as suddenly both of the dragon's arms started to snap forward, elongating and shrinking unnaturally, in a flurry of punches. Wrathy weaved in and out of them, then broke away with a run.

"Impressive. Now try and deal with an attack you can't see."

The fists, which were now claws, erupted from random points on the ground around her, cutting close. None of the hits found their mark, but some managed to cut her. These wounds healed nearly-instantly, but it was still troubling. This beast could keep up with her.

Yet she had the dragon exactly where she wanted it.

This was her best chance, anyway.

She continued running out, far away from the dragon, but the arms continued after her, at the same intensity. Good. The dragon was determined to pursue this strategy until it was successful. Folly.

All at once, Wrathy disappeared.

...and reappeared behind the dragon's neck, both swords pulled back.

The dragon seemed able to regenerate instantly when it wanted to, but one deep slash where it mattered would end it all before the beast had a chance to.

The beast's head spun around and faced her.

Energy started to collect in its mouth.

Wrathy dropped her swords and snapped her palms out.

She was engulfed in flame.

But escaped - flying out of the fiery plumes...and into the hand of the dragon. It closed around her. There was no escape this time. She didn't have the energy left.

"You gambled everything on that. I commend your bravery. But you underestimated your foe. I, however, know everything about you. Sarah."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They were surrounded on both sides by two immense dragons, each head armoured in their own colour. One was crimson while the other was bronze.

"Two generals," x50 50x said. "Great."

"What does that mean?" Pokemaniac said.

"It means we're done for. You have to unseal your kudos king powers. It's the only way we can win."

"Even if I wanted to do that, I couldn't. I didn't make the seal."

"Then I will do it."


"Pokemaniac. Let me remind you that if I die here, we are truly all dead. There would be no going back."

Pokemaniac took a deep breath. "I will go after the stronger one. You two go after the other."

He vanished before x50 could say anything.

"Fool!" x50 turned to Tengo. "I suppose we have no choice. Get ready."

Pokemaniac charged across the desert towards his opponent, an immense red dragon, which reared its head at his approach.

He unsheathed his sword, which was bathed in a green light, and on his mind was only one thing: one swing. He would end this in one swing, because there was no way he was dying now. There was too much at stake. He would never let his friends down again.

And with blind courage and faith, he leapt to the dragon and brought his sword down in a savage arc. The dragon looked up, wide-eyed, before it was split clean in two.

One down.

That taxed him, but there was only one more left, and surely the three of them could take it down easily. He ran back the ruins and out the opposite side, where he expected the battle to be raging on.

Instead, he saw Tengo collapsed on the ground and x50 kneeling some distance away from him looking worse for wear, as a colossal bronze dragon towered over them. The old moderator looked back at him, blood down the side of his mouth.

"You picked the wrong one."

The dragon's tail came over its head and slammed down into Tengo, crushing him completely. Pokemaniac went to run forward in a start, but grabbed his side and winced. He had used too much kudos to deal with the other one.

"So you killed Red," the dragon said nonchalantly, in an almost chummy voice. "You must be pretty good."

"Pokemaniac," x50 said. "The power of these creatures is immense and evil. Dumb, almost. I struggle to manipulate a power like this. But this dragon, while weaker than the other in terms of raw power, is a wily beast... I will need to undo your seal."

"x50," Pokemaniac said. "Get away from here. As far away as possible. Just keep yourself alive. I will find you later."

He vanished again, before x50 could argue with him. The moderator retreated some distance away. But not so far away that he couldn't observe what was going to happen.

Pokemaniac leapt and tried to slice this dragon the same way as the last, but it moved lazily out of the way, to the right, just out of reach of the attack.

"Phew, that was-"

And then Pokemaniac shifted the sword in his hands and went for a horizontal slice. The blade met a wall of light, and crushed it. As it shattered, the dragon disappeared.

Pokemaniac sensed that it had appeared from somewhere behind him, but it did not go to attack.

"Wait a moment," it said. "Are you the - you know, the one who calls himself king?"

Pokemaniac turned to him. "No." He was mystified by this strange, talking beast, but had lived through many strange things already to question it. "If you're talking about who I think you are, he's dead. If you're looking for him, he should be here somewhere. I have no business with you and I have no desire to kill you. Please let me be on my way."

The bronze beast laughed. "I believe you when you say you aren't the one who calls himself the king, and you are clearly very strong for your kind, but I assure you...your business is with me, and it'll be settled over your corpse."

Pokemaniac poised his sword. "If that's what you want, try."

The dragon smiled, and then curled in on itself, beginning to shift in shape and shrink, until it was the size of an ordinary human. And then it uncurled, wings unfolding to reveal a anthropomorphic shape - a human but with the scaled and pointed features of a dragon. And, of course, the wings.

It wore long, flowing, rainbow robes and a pointed hand of the same hues. In one of its hands it held a longsword similar to Pokemaniacs.

"Look familiar to you? From your manner and your power, I can only assume you were an ONM moderator. This is the form of one of your comrades."

Pokemaniac was startled, but kept his sword poised threateningly. "How?"

"How? I killed him and ate him. I took his powers and essence. Some strands of his life force still lie with me...but only a few. He is practically dead. Do you hate me?"

Pokemaniac paused. "Hate you? I will not need to waste the energy to when you are dead."

"Come then, ONMer." The dragon gestured with one of his hands and a spike of ice erupted from the ground below Pokemaniac, who nimbly jumped out of the way, but he was only met with a barrage of more wherever he stepped.

The dragon continued to orchestrate this attack like a crazed maestro, waving his arms about wildly. "How do you like this, moderator? I am using your friend's power in a way he could have only dreamed of. For he was only a little moderator, like you."

He motioned his hand slapping down in front of him, knocking down Pokemaniac with a ceiling of air, and thrust his other hand upwards.

The moderator tried to stand up but the pressure above him was too much. There was no avoiding this attack. As the spike of ice tunnelled through the ground below him, he managed to move his hand in front of his chest and grab it by the tip as it emerged. It pierced his skin but he was able to hold it in place.

"bedfordshire clanger," Pokemaniac growled, before the area around him exploded.

The dragon shielded his eyes from the rain of sand, and then raised his sword to block the sudden flurry of sword blows that suddenly emerged along with a tattered Pokemaniac.

"Not so tough up close..." Pokemaniac said, beating the dragon back.

"Crap..." the dragon grunted. And then smiled. "Just kidding."

It jumped back, snapping forward a palm, sending a blast of energy towards Pokemaniac, who was blown back.

But just as he fell, Pokemaniac came back just as quickly. The dragon sighed exasperatedly and knocked him back down with the back of his hand.

"I bet you think you know endurance, but I will knock you down every time. Blowing yourself up to escape that trap, though... Nice job."

"How about this!?"

A shadow leapt up from behind the dragon, its sword glinting in the sun and singing as it swung. The dragon reached out its hand quickly, though for him it looked slow, to catch the blade in its hand, then looked back contemptuously.

Dizzybow stood there, still pushing down on the blade, which shook with the force. His teeth gritted.

"We'll never give up!" he exclaimed.

At that moment, Pokemaniac was on his feet as well, bloodied and his cloak in tatters, but swinging his sword with the same ferocity.

In the middle, the dragon smiled and licked his lips. He had been bored for so long. "I love moderators."

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