Would this be a decent custom build?

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Would this be a decent custom build?

Post by jason1297 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:55 pm

I don't really want to build one myself, because I'd prefer the support from a company I have used before.
I made this up on their site:
http://www.computerplanet.co.uk/custom- ... ?id=226264

Would this be able to play games like skyrim and GTA v without lag? (Because in not a hardcore gamer I don't care about the frames, I just don't want to see a noticeable lag). Is there any way I can improve for less money with parts on the site (I heard the cost isn't everything)?

Also, this company charge about £100 for Windows, and I think I can get it cheaper.
How would I install Windows to a fresh pic myself, and how hard would it be to install the drivers for my components?

EDIT: Apologies to anyone who read this when the link was broken

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