Your Console History

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Re: Your Console History

Post by Ape » Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:04 pm

Got into gaming around the turn of the century, I don't know if these are necessarily the exact years but in terms of consoles I've bought:

2001: Game Boy Color
2003: Game Boy Advance
2004: GameCube
2005: Nintendo DS
2007: Nintendo Wii
2009: Playstation 2
2011: Nintendo 3DS
2014: Nintendo Wii U

Started out as a handheld gamer, moved to become a Nintendo gamer and then got a PS2 on the cheap. Waited off until last year to get a Wii U because I wasn't convinced for many years that it was worth getting and I didn't have the motivation I had with the Wii and DS to adopt it as soon as possible. I had a long period in the mid 00s where I bought a huge amount of games every year and it's probably flaring up again as I'm getting a bit of a back catalogue on PS2 and Wii U of games to play.

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Re: Your Console History

Post by Disellis » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:06 am

The years will be rough guesses:

Before 1994 - My dad owned a NES and SNES which I had access
1998 - N64, was my uncles, but he had just started working and didn't want it as a distraction, so I was lent it, along with Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye and Mario 64
1998 - PlayStation, Was given this for Christmas, along with Crash 2 and Spyro I believe
1999-2000ish - Gameboy Colour, got the turquoise one with Pokémon Red
2002 - Gamecube, was the firstconsole I ever bought with my own money, I got it along with Luigi's Mansion and Sonic adventure 2 Battle
2004 - Gameboy Advance sp - I got the Minish Cap one
2006 - Wii, along with Twilight Princess
2007 - DS, can't remember what I got it with though
2007 - Xbox 360, Got this because I had a few games for it already, as my brother owned one and I used it, but all my friends in school had it so I got one myself, don't think I got any games with it, but I already had 6 or 7
2010 - Xbox 360 slim, I had just received a pay bonus and thought I'd upgrade, gave the elite to my friend who's Xbox 360's disk tray broke.
2011 - 3DS, Got the blue one, along with Rayman 2
2011 - 3DS Zelda limited editon, Sold my blue 3DS to my cousin and bought this one instead
2012 - Wii U, I got the black Zombi U version
2013 - Bought myself a gaming PC
2013 - Xbox One, was gonna pass on this, but all of my friends were moving onto it and I wanted Dead Rising 3

That's pretty much it, though I don't own PS2/3/4, I do have access to them as my brother owns them
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Re: Your Console History

Post by Kriken » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:26 am

Honestly don't know the years, but here are the orders:

Gameboy Colour
Gameboy Advance
DS - I copied by hand many pages of this children's bible to get this; the condition of my pretty religious mother, who probably sensed my faith was waning. Kind of funny, thinking about it. Child me going to gamestation with her so she could get it for me with the game of my choice, a fond memory <3
PS2 - Think I was about 16/17 when I finally got around to getting one, to get a library of cheap games I've mostly not played
Wii U

Don't think I'm missing anything. Also for a brief period of time in my childhood I had a borrowed PSOne, which I played and tried to enjoy, of all games, Bubsy 3D.

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Re: Your Console History

Post by kerr9000 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:43 am

I can't really do years but I can try and do some form of order. I might forget things and I'm not including things I no longer own

Zx spectrum 16k rubber key model
Atari 2600 original wood look version
Sinclair spectrum +2
Atari 2600 junior
Amiga 500
Master system 2
Mega cd
Zx 81
Ps 2
Vic 20
Odyssey 2
Dragon 32
Game gear
Barcode batler
Gameboy advance
Gameboy Colorado
Gameboy advance sp
Xbox 360
Ps vita
Wii u
Xbox one
Philips cdi

I know there's some things missing but that's a tough go the NES I got myself and everything after that the stuff before would be from my parents.

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Re: Your Console History

Post by Cruizer » Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:31 am

Cruizer wrote:
Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:24 pm
Here are all my consoles in no particular order. But can anything truly be in no particularly order, our minds naturally see patterns and order things. Are there really ever coincidences, isn't it possible or even probable that all events are part of a predetermined plan, that our actions are irrelevant and we are heading towards an inevitable end point. Is there really such thing as free-will? Is time anything more than an illusion? Are we anything more than the manifestation of a higher, unknowable frequency? Is this list really in no particular.....I've just checked and this list is in the order I got them.

Dude, I was funny before the weight of the world irreversibly crushed my spirit forever. Well it's 5.30am - off to work.

But yeah, consoles all the same but I now have a Switch (and a NES/SNES Mini if you want to count them)
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Re: Your Console History

Post by Deku98 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:59 am

My parents owned a Mega Drive and a GameCube so I don't class them as mine, but they got the mega drive for as long as I can remember... Sonic 2 was the first game I played, then they got the GameCube on release, really good times

As for me

Gameboy Pocket - 1999, would always play Pokemon Red on it

DS - 2006, Pokemon Pearl was a fond memory, I remember my big sister buying it for me

Wii - 2008, had so much fun on Animal Crossing online with many of the people on the ONM forums, I do miss those times

DSi - 2009 (DS hinges were a little broken), I remember being so disappointed by the DSiware shop... the Warioware game was god awful

Gameboy SP - 2010, was really good to play some of the old Pokemon games again (As my DS wasn't working at that point, couldn't play them on that)

3DS - 2011, Don't know what others thought about Streetpass but I really enjoyed the feature, and would love doing puzzle swap and the quest games

Wii U - 2012, Say what you will, I had fun with this console, especially for Smash and Mario Kart, though now I have a Switch it isn't being used too much

New 3DS - 2017, The cover plates are a really nice touch, and I got Xenoblade in a bundle which was quite cheap, excellent purchase imo

Switch - 2017, Got this a few weeks ago actually, I have Sonic Mania and Stardew Valley and I love it

I still have all my consoles apart from my DS which broke, so I'm happy with that
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