Your first game, on every console/system you've owned

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Re: Your first game, on every console/system you've owned

Post by Azza » Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:08 am

NES - Gyromite
SNES - Yoshi's Island
N64 - OoT
GCN - Luigi's Mansion
Wii - Twilight Princess
Wii U - Super Mario 3D World
GB - Game & Watch Gallery
GBC - Conker's Pocket Tales
GBA - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
DS - Nintendogs
3DS - OoT 3D

PS1 - Abe's Oddysee
PS2 - Jak and Daxter
PSP - Metal Gear Ac!d

X360 - BioShock + GTA IV
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Re: Your first game, on every console/system you've owned

Post by Majin_Nephets » Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:38 pm

GC - Double Dash (the bundle with the Zelda collector's disc), Star Wars Bounty Hunter and Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Wii - Wii Sports, Twilight Princess and Red Steel
Wii U - Nintendo Land, NSMB U and Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
Switch - Breath of the Wild and 1,2, Switch
GB - Super Mario Land & Super Mario Land 2 (my sister got one too and had Tetris and Game Boy Gallery)
GBA - Super Mario Advance
DS - Spider-Man 2 (in my defence it was a surprise present my parents got early from America and I imported SM64DS shortly after)
3DS - Pilotwings Resort, Super Street Fighter IV and Super Monkey Ball 3D (god this launch was slim pickings...)

PS1 - Crash Team Racing
PSP - Sonic Rivals
PSVita - Adventure Mega Pack and Lego Lord of the Rings
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