51 Things to do on SONM on a Rainy Day

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51 Things to do on SONM on a Rainy Day

Post by OrangeRakoon » Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:13 pm

51 Things to do on SONM on a Rainy Day
In one year of life Super ONM has played host to thousands of topics and hundreds of thousands of posts. In case you missed any of it (which is more than justifiable!), here are just 51 of the things you can do across the forum. Next time you're browsing bored and wondering what to do, dive back into this list and discover something new! Keep checking back and we'll make sure to periodically grow this list too.
The List
  1. Introduce yourself or greet others in the Welcome thread
  2. Try out a new forum style by customising the forum
  3. Learn some BBCode tricks to make your posts fancier than ever
  4. Read the Rules. You know you should at some point!
  5. Update your profile
  6. Request a shiny new signature or avatar over in the Graphics Requests thread
  7. Vote for Member of the Week
  8. Have a go at some forum Follow On Games
  9. Including the ever-popular Comment on the Person Above You
  10. Check out the SONM Archives! There you can do other things like...
  11. Read through the ONM Archives
  12. Peruse the SONM Banner Archive
  13. Check out the SONM Summer Awards 2015
  14. And compare your gaming creds against the very last ONM Forums Top 100 Games
  15. Something missing? Let us know in the Archive Nominations thread
  16. You can also nominate threads to be featured on the front page
  17. Which you can see all the latest from around the forum on here!
  18. Tell us how you feel
  19. Share your latest purchases
  20. Or just show us your face
  21. The Anime Thread is always a hip, happening place
  22. If that isn't your thing, maybe you like talking about movies
  23. Or even reviewing the last film you watched
  24. But why just watch videos when you can share them!
  25. Cheer up with the Cute Thread
  26. PlayStation fan? You want the PlayStation Thread
  27. We have an Xbox Thread too
  28. Along with the general Steam Thread
  29. Talking of games, what have you been playing?
  30. Or maybe you've been playing some more Retro games?
  31. Need some suggestions of what to play next? Check Recommend Me A Game
  32. Or get some inspiration from other's latest retro purchases
  33. Still thirsting for retro games? Have a read through kerr9000's 150 SNES Games
  34. Or maybe Highlight's Today I'm Playing
  35. And its follow-up sequel, Today I'm Playing 2!
  36. Follow @SONMods on Twitter and keep up to date with everything happening across the site
  37. Watch some videos straight from the community on our Youtube channel, SONM Network
  38. Meet the Team and find out all about the current moderators
  39. Read some more about Super ONM
  40. Or take a look at our friends and affiliates
  41. Pokémon fan? Vote for your favourites in Super Pokémon1v1
  42. You can also vote for plenty of other things Pokémon related in Poké Polls
  43. Or engage your artistic side and Draw Every Pokémon In MS Paint
  44. There's plenty of competitive talk too
  45. Sports fans, join in our prediction leagues in the Sport subforum
  46. Including Football...
  47. ...Wrestling...
  48. ...and F1!
  49. Discuss some Politics
  50. Ask Any Member Anything for those burning questions you've always had
  51. Follow the Sims adventures in Met-tropolis
Of course there is plenty more to do on SONM, with topics to discuss, competitions to enter and community events to take part in. Keep checking back and browsing the boards, and on the off chance you don't find what you're looking for, then make it yourself! Who knows, maybe it will soon be featured on this list itself.
Thank you for one year of Super ONM!

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Re: 51 Things to do on SONM on a Rainy Day

Post by komoDIRE joe » Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:22 pm

OrangeRakoon wrote:The Anime Thread is always a hip, happening place
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Re: 51 Things to do on SONM on a Rainy Day

Post by Cribs » Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:01 pm

really scraping the barrel here

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