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Re: Create-A-Smash Character

Post by Fabong » Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:27 pm


It takes real talent to smash with the best of them.

Neutral- Coconut Cyclone
One of Jupiter's more obscure attacks but I feel it is worth featuring here.

Side- Supreme Thunder
It's actually lightning but no one seems to notice.

Down- Sparkling Wide Pressure
Good for clearing the floor around you I reckon.

Up- Flower Hurricane
Nothing like a breeze of petals to lift you into the air.

Final Smash- Jupiter Dragon
A dragon made of electricity is unleashed good luck countering that.
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Re: Create-A-Smash Character

Post by Garf » Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:55 pm



Normal attacks- Combos with equipped weapon
Smash Attacks- Wicked Weaves
Grab- Tether grab with Alruna

Neutral B- Weapon Switch- Cycle through Bayonetta's equipped weapon which has different effects. Starts with Love is Blue (4 pistols), then goes Chernabog (3 bladed scythe and 2 pistols), Salamandra (4 chainsaws), Shuraba (katana and 2 pistols) and then finally Lt. Col. Kilgore (4 bazookas). Alternates change the order of the weapons, as well as what one you start with
Up B- Witch Twist- A near vertical uppercut which fires some bullets upwards. Alternates are: Afterburner Kick, which lacks the bullets but travels further and more horizontally. The final alt is Crow Within, which transforms Bayonetta into a crow that can fly for a short time
Side B- Stiletto- A dashing forward strike with hard knockback. If done in midair, Bayonetta wont fall whilst doing the move. Alternates are: Beast Within- Very fast dash forwards but deals no damage. Heel Slide- Shorter range than Stiletto, but hits multiple times
Down B- Witch Time- Bayonetta backflips to dodge an attack. If she dodges an attack, time will be slowed down for a short time. Alternates are: Pulley's Butterfly- Creates some butterflys which absorb some damage dealt to Bayo whilst active. Has a cooldown after use. Evil Harvest Rosary- Acts as a counter, instead of activating Witch Time

Final Smash- Umbran Climax- Bayonetta gets a purple aura whilst in this form and every attack she throws is a Wicked Weave/Smash attack. At the end of the final smash, a bright glow will indicate you to tilt the analogue stick. This changes what Infernal Demon you get to assist you.
Neutral- Madama Butterfly rapidly punches and finishes with a headbutt in front of you
Side- Gomorrah dives forward, biting anyone in his path
Up- Diomedes slashes the air above Bayonetta
Down- Phantasmaraneae slams the ground, creating a blast of lava

Alternate costumes let you change between the design of Bayonetta in the first and second games. If in Bayonetta 1 colours, Love is Blue is replaced by Scarborough Fair

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Re: Create-A-Smash Character

Post by Fabong » Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:58 pm


He drew first and shot!

Neutral- Get Back
A quick guitar strum creates a sonic shockwave.

Side- Happiness Is A Warm Gun
A fire to the side.

Down- The Inner Light
A quick meditation heals slightly and buffs attack for a spell.

Up- Flying
How do you jump in midair anyway?

Final Smash- Tomorrow Never Knows
Reverses rival's controls and inflicts a status defect upon them.

Bowser Jr is essentially 8 different characters so I guess they can each have two costumes and occupy the same slot.
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