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Post by WithLoveAndSqualor » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:04 pm

E3 is (basically) over for another year

r.i.p sweet prince we hardly knew ye

in the midst of all the AND U CAN DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW announcements, phil spencers XBOX HAS SOME EXCLUSIVES, LOOK AT MY SHIRT claims, andrew house being all up in the house, shiggy destroying ur life with zelda footage you can't physically touch, ubisoft live just dance segments (because those are a good idea in the year 2016), MADDENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN being a thing and EA believing people care about it, and other such great #brand #content and eton mess memes, SOME GAMES WERE ACTUALLY ANNOUNCED

what are ur top 10 games/announcements that YOU are most looking forward to? and what were the biggest letdowns/surprise no shows?

here are mine-


ARKHAM VR- holy eton mess does this sound good. (as long as they don't price it at £40 cause it's apparently an hour long) a murder mystery crime-scene investigation simulator starring batman AND MARK gooseberry fool HAMILL'S JOKER, in VR. with moody arkham visuals. and dead dick grayson. sign me the gooseberry fool up. just keep it an L.A noire-esque investigative game without eton mess VR combat pls.

DEATH STRANDING- naked norman reedus' ass aside, the trailer hyped the gooseberry fool out of me and reminded me how much i love kojimas trailers/art direction and style. the whole trailer felt more metal gear than metal gear V and i'm glad we have something to speculate the eton mess out of online, especially now that MGS V has happened and silent hills is dead. also bonus points for those floaty things in the sky (is it psycho mantis guys?????) and also LUDENS looks cool as gooseberry fool even though he's apparently nothing to do with the game. but then again, hideo has straight up lied to everyone before, so y'know.

GOD OF WAR 4- knew sony bought along an orchestra to open for them for a reason, although i swore the first 10 seconds of that reveal that it was horizon: zero dawn being demoed. AND THEN BEARDED DAD KRATOS ARRIVED and holy gooseberry fool did i lose my eton mess. it looks way more mature and darker than previous iterations (the last of us: norse, any1????), the buddy system looks kinda cool (if you end up travelling with and not playing as the kid for the rest of the game) and the voice acting and dialogue sounds like it's thankfully been fine-tuned, so kratos is no longer a one-dimensional GWAHHHHH REVENGE meathead like in the previous games. although he was admittedly still cool as gooseberry fool then. ALSO DEM GRAPHICS.

TITANFALL 2- i gooseberry fool loved the first titanfall, even if it only held my attention for around a month or so. it ran out of things to do other than continuously level up and prestige repeatedly online, but the combat, movement and feel of the game were ridiculously good, and i loved the titan/pilots dynamic and even the addition of bot grunts to the online mode. titanfall 2 just looks like the first game on steroids, and i am all over that.

POKEYMEN: THE NEW ONE- it's pokemon. with a sun. and a moon. and a lion. and a bat-thing. is that rouge the bat from sonic levelled up?? who knows. POKEMON

DISHONORED PART 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO- the first one was incredible, and i'm super glad it got the sequel it deserved. the whole playing as either corvo or emily is a little weird, considering how i thought they were focusing on emily in this game, but whatever. the combat looks a little faster and the new powers actually look worthwhile this time around, so colour me hyped. i just hope blink is still OP as gooseberry fool.

RESIDENT EVIL 7- one of the genuine surprises from the sony conference, but a very, very welcome one, resi 7 looks (and plays, from what's in the demo) gooseberry fool incredible. YES it's basically P.T pt. 2, and wahhhh they stoleeeeee ideas from it, but hey, if konami doesn't wanna release silent hills, then i'm gonna take this all day long. i gooseberry fool love the setting and the supposed story (it's very true detective meets the texas chainsaw massacre; also go to the resi subreddit, because it's full of P.T-esque theories and it's a well fun read), umbrella turning up in a little teaser in the demo was so good and i love the tone, art-direction, gameplay and graphics. i really, really hope they don't gooseberry fool it by adding eton mess combat (some combat would be good, just don't make it eton mess), and gooseberry fool zombie wasps or some eton mess, but yeah, it's looking killer

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD- BOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII does this look good. it's basically stolen my money for an NX already, so that's one thing. i'm still a little apprehensive about the whole OOH LOOK, WILDERNESS! HUNTING. WEAPON DEGRADATION. FORAGING. COOKING. OLD MEN. thing, but hey, i'm sure there's a reason for it, and i'm sure that if anyone can do it, nintendo can make it fun/worthwhile. i'd have liked to have seen a story trailer, or at least some more story information/character/world info, but hopefully we'll get another direct or something before the end of the year. also i know it's only been shown on a wii-u build but THOSE VISUALS.

DESTINY: RISE OF IRON- wahhh destiny is eton mess hahahahahaha destiny sucks, etc., etc., etc., ETC., ETC.; destiny is a bit eton mess, a bit trite, a gooseberry fool GRIND, but it's probably my most-played game this console generation, and i'm always down to throw more hours into it, although bungie seem insistent on gooseberry fool drip-feeding us new content every 9393920239 years. rise of iron looks cool, and though i'm sure it's probably promising more than what it will actually deliver (does molyneux work at bungie now?), it'll still be fun and i'll still play the eton mess out of it, because bungie make great FPS games and destiny at its core is fun as gooseberry fool. oh and they brought back gjallarhorn and apparently it's not gonna be eton mess anymore. (just let me keep my red death pls)

DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN- well the trailer was good. pls don't gooseberry fool this cage. pls. really. just, gooseberry fool try on this one.

(bonus mention for dat bandicoot returning because CRASH 3 WARPED IN HD BAYBEEEEEEEEE)
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Post by OrangeRakoon » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:38 pm

1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It's finally properly revealed and it looks goddamn incredible. Everything about this game has me beyond excited, from the graphics and open world to the individual gameplay elements that borrow from so many different games and genres to properly evolve the series. I can't wait.

2) The Last Guardian

It's the next Team ICO game and we have a release date. Not much needs to be said - the saga of The Last Guardian is finally concluding and it is all set up to be a generation defining experience.

3) Gravity Rush 2

The first game is one of my favourite games of recent years and everything about the sequel looks to have improved upon it. I am hyped.

4) Grow Up

I absolutely fell in love with Grow Home - it looked charming enough, but I still wasn't prepared for just how much enjoyment I got out of playing the original through. Which makes finding out there is a sequel, and seeing it on such a larger scale than the original, all the more exciting.

5) Abzû

I knew I wanted this game the first time I saw it, and the E3 coverage only confirms what I already thought - that this game looks beautiful and like an incredible experience to play.

6) Death Stranding

Kojima you beautiful man of course I am going to play your next game. And with Norman Reedus too!

7) Monster Hunter Generations

One of my most played series of all time, I am undoubtedly going to put hundreds of hours into this game.

8) Days Gone

Two things you should know about me: I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic fiction and things involving zombies, and I have loved the last 5 games released by Studio Bend, the devs behind Days Gone. It might look unashamedly like TLOU, but I'm confident that the open world and horde-style zombies will differentiate the experience enough to still be fresh. But this is made by the people who made 3 of the best PSP games and one of the best Vita games - it's in safe hands.

9) Steep

Steep looks like the spiritual successor to SSX3 I have always wanted - one massive mountain range with the freedom to enjoy it at your own pace. It looks like it might be a perfect game for taking a load off and losing myself in nature. Electronically recreated nature.

10) Dishonored 2

The first Dishonored is a fantastic game, so good that I completed it three times back-to-back. A sequel with improved mechanics then? Yes please.

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Post by RichardUK » Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:57 am

Battlefield 1

I like Battlefield games in general anyway but I am pleased they have made a WW1 game as I am not a fan of the recent futuristic Call of Duty games

Titanfall 2

I am not into online shooters but Titanfall changed all that for me, I loved it! also really happy they have made a single player story mode for this one

Watchdogs 2

The first game got a lot of stick but I really enjoyed it and one of the few games I got 100% achievements for as I wanted to explore and do everything in the game I could

Resident Evil 7

After playing the demo it seems like it will be a really interesting game and different from past Resident Evils (although I like the normal ones as well, especially revelations)

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 2 was possibly my favourite racing game ever, I really loved it and like Watchdogs I took the time to unlock everything in the game so I spend many hours playing it

Fifa 17

I always buy and play Fifa games every year, the inclusion of a story type mode is really exciting

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Been waiting ages for it and it looks fantastic

Gravity Rush 2

I unexpectedly really enjoyed the first game on the Vita so looking forward to number 2

Days Gone

Looks like a Last of Us type game
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Post by imbusydoctorwho » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:35 pm

1. Zelda Breath of Fresh Air
New Zelda was revealed again after 2 years being awol, the game looks stunning and looks like it's gonna move the series forward in many different ways. The only problem is we have to wait till next year.

2. God of War
Totally different gameplay wise compared to the previous games, I like how the demo focused on Kratos relationship between his kid. The combat looks a bit Dark Souls like which I look forward to see more of. Literally the best thing Sony showed off and it'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

3. Days Gone
Yet another zombie game it may be but look how many gooseberry fool zombies was on the screen, it looks like Sons of Anarchy Last of Us edition, here's hoping it lives up to the promising reveal.

4. Mafia 3
Wasn't that keen on it when it was revealed last year, but the game certainly is looking better. The setting is very appealing and the soundtrack is amazing, looks like it'll be better than Watch Dogs 2.

5. Battlefield 1
Finally a shooter set in WW1, none of this future crap, bring it on!!!

6. Death Standing
Strangest thing to come out of E3 certainly, but Kojima and Norman Reedus.

7. South Park
Improved combat and plenty of poking fun at Superhero films, sign me up.

8. Last Guardian
It's finally got a release date, so this saga can finally finish.

9. Detroit: Become Human
Looks really interesting, hope Cage doesn't mess it up.

10. PSVR Games
Honestly warming to the idea of getting one, even if it's too expensive for a fad that'll die out in a couple of years.
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Post by Garf » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:47 pm

Purse Owner- Demon Negotiations are in. Just keep pouring the good stuff on me

Zelda- At least it means I haven't been holding out on a nothing game, it's a good departure now

Death Stranding- While there's nothing really to get excited over, the images given by the trailer look like we'll have some kind of cool horror on our hands

Resi 7- Finally, not an action game. Would have preferred third person, but this will do

Gravity Rush 2- Shaping up really well

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Post by Ranger » Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:06 pm

Spider-man PS4 - In addition to some of the other mentioned (Zelda), I was really excited to see the teaser for this. It looked amazing and would love a Spider-man game with a good story and web swinging mechanics.

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Post by Scapegoat » Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:58 am

persona, persona, and persona.

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Post by fulhamben » Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:25 pm

Am I the only one who really liked the look of sea of thieves.

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Post by JenovaPX » Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:29 pm

No, it looks alright just nothing astounding or special
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Post by OrangeRakoon » Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:39 pm

The water effects and sinking of ships looks pretty fantastic, and it was definitely the most interesting game to me at microsoft's conference.

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Post by Yubel » Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:13 pm

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Leading up to E3, I had mixed feelings towards Nintendo for several reasons - one of those was how left in the dark I felt in regards to Zelda. However, come Tuesday night my patience was richly rewarded. They did a grand job of pulling us into the world, covering some surprising new mechanics and ultimately delivering a truly tantalising insight into how our experiences will be influenced.

2. Horizen: Zero Dawn

Another game I'm hyped for that I also consider to be one of the best of this year's show. No doubt that the world of Zero Dawn will contain much intrigue, the gameplay looks nicely varied and the story, much like Zelda, seems to be told through similarly organic means.

3. Watch Dogs 2

I thoroughly enjoyed Watch Dogs, but for everything that game lacked, the sequel is most definitely trumping it in every respect.

4. Mafia III

Mafia II was one of my favourite open-worlders from the PS3 era, despite being an essentially linear affair. Now though? Hanger 13's take on New Orleans is surely a living, breathing and dynamic world combining the series' trademark sense of time and place with an engaging criminal eco-system.

5. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

What was shown of this pre-E3 didn't get me particularly hyped, and yet it still ranks among my most wanted. I liked seeing Adam Jensen's apartment and the general hub area (one of many I expect), but the multitude of solutions are still the most appealing aspect for me and overall I know this'll be an engaging experience filled with meaningful context.

6. Dishonoured 2

Have yet to play the original Dishonoured, though this second entry has bumped that up a few places on my agenda. Every single new addition looks exciting; freedom of approach had always been at the forefront of Dishonoured, and here they look all the more compelling.

7. The Last Guardian

My interest in The Last Guardian has slowly increased throughout the year and I think that has reached it's peak - don't get me wrong, I'm convinced by it's insurmountable potential to be one of this generation's defining titles. We didn't see much outside of Sony's sizzle reel, so perhaps if they showed it off to a greater extent I'd have probably ranked it higher.

8. Paper Mario Colour Splash

Just going to echo my first impressions from that day...

I'm personally digging this game, especially how far they've gone with the concept visually and how that feeds into pretty much everything. I'm not at all fussed about the series' heritage when, unlike Sticker Star, this particular experiment/new direction seems to have paid off in the sense that it may deserve praise as a standalone title.

9. Spider-Man PS4

Not much is known about what makes this one stand out, but I trust Insomniac to deliver. Beenox' efforts have looked pretty decent from what I could tell, although they never really grabbed me like the potential behind this one. Being a PS4 exclusive heightens it's appeal also.

10. Titanfall 2

Never played the original and to be honest, I didn't think much of it. With Titanfall 2 featuring a campaign and what looks to be a faster, more manoeuvrable multiplayer suite, I'm prepared to give it a try.
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Post by andymck » Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:03 am

I didn't catch much of E3 but the game I'm definitely most excited for is The Last Guardian. It's the 10-years-in-the-making spiritual sequel to the best game ever made, what's not to like?

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Post by Bix » Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:02 am

As much as I would love to see Monster Hunter return to the big screen ..
Its there again but now with one hunter type and this time he likes to cut the grass and has a fondness for long sideburns ..

That plus Monster Hunter itself will be gracing our smaller screens again .. both of these will consume me I'm sure

If I can get hold of something to play Resi 7 on then I'll be a very happy Bix.
Wishing my SONM friends a very happy & successful Q3 in gaming


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