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Post by kerr9000 » Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:01 pm


At the Moment in Nottingham the Game City festivel has kicked off today and I went to have a look.

The majority of the festivel is in a multi floor building, the first floor is largly dedicated to a game called Lumino City

They have some of the physical models there that they made before turning them into game levels. One of them is so big it takes up a whole wall


The image doesnt do it justice in reality it is beautiful.

Upstairs there was a selection of retro machines and games to play on, the Snes and PS1 featured very heavily but there was a few PC's some commadore 64's etc..

I sat playing on a game called Super Rude Bear which can best be descirbed as Mario bros the lost levels meets super meat boy... it was part fun part frustrating.

It had a one more go sort of charm it frustrated but when you got through a tricky bit it made you feel like some kind of gaming god.

There was also a homebrew Snes game called Robin Hood which I can best describe as a really basic 1 on 1 smash bros light, one of you is robin hood the other is a sherifs man and you kill each other. It was ok but I was more intrested in the fact they were using a Super Everdrive to run it

There was also a Modern streets of rage style game there called Raging Justice which looked pretty good, had a quick go and I could see it doing well if it ends up as a console download.


I really enjoyed playing this.. Apparently they cant decide what to name the two main characters so they are taking suggestions there and the winner whose name choices they use will get a prize. I cant even remember what names I wrote now.

I dont plan on going to Game City everyday but I will pop in it a few times while it is on and see whats happening etc.

There was an interesting farm game with some genetics based stuff in it apparently but I didnt get time to look at it

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