The Strain

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The Strain

Post by Rik » Sat Nov 01, 2014 1:39 am

Anybody else watching this? It's a sci-fi/paranormal/horror thing that does a modern take on vampires. Without spoiling it too much, it starts with a a plane that lands at JFK airport with everyone on board dead except for four (the pilot, a rock star, a lawyer and a jittery guy). The CDC investigates and thinks it's some sort of virus that killed them all; however, things naturally start to get very freaky. An airport worker (played by the guy who played the Russian guy in Lost) gets his head bashed in by a massive cloaked figure, a huge coffin that was unreported in the cargo manifesto goes missing, weird parasitic worms are found everywhere and the token creepy child comes in the form of a little French girl who seemingly died on the plane but returns home to her dad. There's also a sinister corporation which is aiding an even more sinister German guy, who seems to have history with a Jewish pawnbroker played by David Bradley (Filch from Harry Potter, Walder Frey from GoT).

So yeah, it's extremely good and you should watch it. It's on Watch on Wednesday nights. Here's the Wikipedia page if my explanation was a bit lacking.
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Re: The Strain

Post by kerr9000 » Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:06 am

Not caught all of it but have watched some of it.... Yeah it is pretty darn cool ..also has the guy in it who played Sam in the lord of the rings trilogy

The old guy is blooming cool, also shows what a varied actor he is to say he can be some one as pathetic as he is in harry potter (character wise not insulting the acting) and then can be so awesome in this as he is.

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