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Re: Doctor Who Discussion Thread

Post by ZeroJones » Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:16 am

Quite liked last night's episode, although the 'enemies pulling together at the end' plotline feels a bit reheated. Optimistic about next week's, myself; a potential Master vs. Missy face-off could be The Fun.

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Re: Doctor Who Discussion Thread

Post by SupaWaluigi » Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:58 am

Did not feel last night's episode was as strong as it could have been. Again it just felt a little all over the place. Plus, CROWS CAN gooseberry fool SPEAK?!

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Re: Doctor Who Discussion Thread

Post by Vtheyoshi » Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:07 am

I liked the running motif of the soldiers and eton mess all being kids, I thought that was fairly well realised throughout the episodes
the crows talking made me vomit in my mouth, my mother was also watching and she couldnt stop laughing when the crow started saying that girl's name
oh hey look everyone is gay and coloured
cool i guess?
The sexuality stuff was actually kind of funny ngl, as opposed to being annoying

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Re: Doctor Who Discussion Thread

Post by Robbo-92 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:00 pm

Not watched as much of this series as I'd planned but I did catch some of Saturday's episode, definitely didn't seem the same quality as the first few episodes I watched earlier on.

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Re: Doctor Who Discussion Thread

Post by imbusydoctorwho » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:24 pm

It was alright episode, nothing really special, looking forward to seeing Sim back next week.
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Re: Doctor Who Discussion Thread

Post by Sonicka » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:22 pm

Time for my two cent (after like... 10 weeks?) :D

To be honest, I've really enjoyed this series... up until about Episode 6 - until this point the stand-alones were mostly great and the beginning of the Monk Trilogy especially was quite exceptional - I think we all knew (and largely were disappointed) that it was Missy in the vault - but this does make narrative sense for this series. I still want to know how she escaped the Daleks in Series 9 - although in typical Moffat fashion I've come to realise that he did show us her escape without us seeing it... as ever.

But anyway, yeah the final 2 of the Monk Trilogy's were average... followed by Gatiss's Ice Warrior episode which was probably the better of his efforts (thank goodness the series is not going into his hands - he writes great drama, just not exceptional Doctor Who), and The Eaters of Light once again was average-good as well. But I can't help feeling that we've had better, especially from Series 8 and 9.

Moffat has said he wanted to leave after Series 9... and it shows.

I have however really enjoyed Bill and Nardole, they've been a refreshing and dynamic TARDIS change up. I will say they that they've need to stop digressing about Bill's sexual preferences every episode (like seriously, this isn't Doctor Who from 10 years ago - and even then!) - We live in a casual accepting age now so making this racial and orientational pointers every Saturday seems so unnecessary. Need some more Nardole backstory though - so would love them to ramp this up in the final episodes.

Lastly, I think the biggest missed opportunity of this Series has been Missy - after her revelation and circumstances of her being in the vault I feel SHE should have been the Doctor's companion this series - the dynamic and story for this would have been amazing, not to mention NEW. Instead we're just getting tantalising little scenes (which are best parts of each episode she appears in) of their evolving and changing dynamic - I want so much more of this! And it will make Missy's fall from grace (because COME ON - it will happen) more tragic next week.

What I do ponder though, is John Simm's Master's place. I don't think he will be real, and will be part of Missy's mindscape. Missy is going through a sort of rehabilitation under The Doctor's own programme... so I reckon he's gunna play the other side to Missy - The Master - A Devil on her Shoulder (as it were) - the madness - the sound of drums... to coax her back to the dark side.

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