Fantasy F1 2016 *Abu Dhabi GP: Result Posted*

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Re: Fantasy F1 2016 *Abu Dhabi GP: Qualifying*

Post by ミドリ » Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:19 pm

Woo, what a great season. Congrats to DFR for their first ever championship. I had a lot of fun putting liveries together and pretending to be a middle aged Japanese woman. I probably won't ever post on SONM again cause I was only really here for this and I'm moving to Japan in a few weeks, so thank you DJ for giving me something to enjoy over the last few months.

If someone decides to start a new season, someone give me a prod. At least one of you knows where to find me.

Midori Nismo Racing Systems, Inc.


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Re: Fantasy F1 2016 *Abu Dhabi GP: Qualifying*

Post by D.J » Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:57 pm

...and so, the results are in, and DFR have taken their first ever championship!

Congrats to the team and their star driver Nico Rosberg, and here are the details in full!..

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Result

1st: 33 Lewis Hamilton: Rawr Mugen - 24pts
2nd: 7 Nico Rosberg: DFR Mercedes - 18pts
3rd: 5 Sebastian Vettel: A-Grade Honda - 15pts
4th: 26 Max Verstappen: Midori Nismo - 12pts
5th: 1 Daniel Ricciardo: Pepsi Rob Mercedes - 10pts
6th: 10 Kimi Raikkonen: SSA Aston Martin - 8pts
7th: 20 Nico Hulkenberg: SSA Aston Martin - 6pts
8th: 21 Sergio Perez: Maniacal Mercedes - 5pts
9th: 69 Felipe Massa: Toyboata Man Utd - 4pts
10th: 14 Fernando Alonso: Midori Nismo - 3pts
11th: 96 Romain Grosjean: Toyboata Man Utd - 2pts
12th: 8 Esteban Gutierrez: DFR Mercedes - 1pt
13th: 44 Esteban Ocon: Rawr Mugen
14th: 40 Pascal Wehrlein: SSA Juniors Mugen
15th: 22 Marcus Ericsson: Pepsi Rob Mercedes
16th: 12 Felipe Nasr: A-Grade Honda
17th: 99 Jolyon Palmer: Pangolin Honda
18th: 25 Carlos Sainz Jr: Maniacal Mercedes - gremlins
19th: 30 Daniil Kvyat: SSA Juniors Mugen - mechanical
20th: 16 Jenson Button: Stable Alfa Romeo - suspension
21st: 88 Valtteri Bottas: Pangolin Honda - mechanical
22nd: 55 Kevin Magnussen: Stable Alfa Romeo - damage

Final Constructors Championship

1st: DFR Mercedes - 489pts
2nd: Rawr Mugen - 452pts
3rd: SSA Aston Martin - 384pts
4th: Midori Nismo - 369pts
5th: Pepsi Rob Mercedes - 332pts
6th: A-Grade Honda - 282pts
7th: Maniacal Mercedes - 262pts
8th: Toyboata Man Utd - 177pts
9th: Pangolin Honda - 167pts
10th: Stable Alfa Romeo - 81pts
11th: SSA Juniors Mugen - 69pts

So there we have it, DFR Mercedes are the 2016 constructors champions!


...and will thus join the Fantasy F1 Hall of Fame...

Fantasy F1: Hall of Fame

2010: Laguz Prescott
2011: A Grade
2012: Aerox Renault
2013: Mother Mercedes
2014: Pseudo Mercedes
2015: Pepsi Rob Zoopla
2016: DFR Mercedes


Okay, so i guess that is it, before the season finishes however, i would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated in Fantasy F1 since i took over the franchise, and of course, the game's original founder, Ape.

Back when Ape first created Fantasy F1, the then ONM Forum was a very different place, and i myself was at that time, running the old ONM F1 Game in Forum Games which simulated races using F1: Championship Edition on the PS3 (that game ended when Codemasters took over the F1 game franchise and ditched the F1 TV option that Studio Liverpool always used).

Anyways, i thought that creating Fantasy F1 was a great idea and so signed up for the very first season with a white/yellow car called a Forti Renault. I then expanded to two teams that season when HRT joined the 2010 F1 season late in the day and the Fantasy series needed a new outfit (which is one reason why i was happy to allow the SSA team more recently to run a junior squad).

My team ultimately finished 2nd (i think) in 2010 thanks to Fernando Alonso, and so i continued to play as it was always fun to see how my team did over each race weekend (something i hope you guys have also felt during my tenure as host), and so was more than happy to step up when the game was facing an uncertain future.

Now however, i am to formally step down as the host of Fantasy F1, but i will return as a team owner should anyone wish to take over the hosting duties for 2017 (much like Ape did when he stood down).

Once again, thank you for playing, it's been fun, and i shall leave you with a little something that sums up this game over the years...



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Re: Fantasy F1 2016 *Abu Dhabi GP: Result Posted*

Post by Ape » Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:27 pm

Cheers for hosting DJ. I'm probably going to call it a day in Fantasy F1 too if we find a new host, not as into F1 as I was a few years ago although I still try and watch the races here and there, it's just not with the same level of interest that I once had.

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Re: Fantasy F1 2016 *Abu Dhabi GP: Result Posted*

Post by Robbo-92 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:16 pm

Yeah thanks for hosting it all D.J, I never took part when Ape hosted it. Guess we could always see before the start of next season if the interest is there to do another season and who might like to host it.

Kind of disappointed in my result, was hoping Renault and McLaren would both develop their car a little more than they did potentially allowing me to be a regular top 10 by the end (in McLaren anyway, kind of knew Renault weren't overly keen on developing their car much, which turned out to be next to nothing). Oh well that's how it goes.

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Re: Fantasy F1 2016 *Abu Dhabi GP: Result Posted*

Post by Spilskinanka » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:56 am

I might be up for hosting next year IF there's enough people playing, which I doubt. If there are 10 players ready to go at the beginning of February I'll host it, I'll probably make some sort of interest thread in the new year.

Thanks for hosting D.J, it's been done well over the four seasons I've competed in. I hope they'll be enough players but we'll see.

Long live plus six and Raikonnen's still fired. It was the best season for us, however. Glad to see the "two drivers that score points" strat working for once.
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