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The False Guwuh
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Re: Black Mirror

Post by The False Guwuh » Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:00 pm

this episode was just intellectual torture porn, thought the first part where the guy was trying to pick up was fantastic though
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Noodle Link
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Re: Black Mirror

Post by Noodle Link » Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:52 pm

It was completely superb, some of the best TV I've seen this year alongside Fargo, Utopia 2 and A Quiet Night In. Also infinitely better than the only other Black Mirror episode I've seen. Must watch the rest of 'em soon.

But yeah I agree with what False Guwuh said.
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Re: Black Mirror

Post by JacquesLEB » Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:30 am

Never watched Black Mirror before, but the new one was my introduction to it, and I loved it, very smart social commentary, and john hamm is very attractive in it.

Then decided to watch all of the others in one day; my favourite overall was probably White Bear, thought it was really interesting how the story unraveled. I also liked the debut episode and 15 Million Merrits is probably my second favourite. I wasn't too keen on the Waldo episode, I got the point, but the ending was pretty ham fisted, I'm excited for where the next season goes.

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